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Impact of changing Microsoft Windows domains on Rational ClearQuest

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What is the impact on IBM Rational ClearQuest and IBM Rational ClearQuest Web, if you change Microsoft Windows domains?


You need to change the Windows domain name, because of location change or company name change, for example.


Generally, there should not be any direct impact of Windows domain change on ClearQuest as ClearQuest does not have any specific requirement when you change your network infrastructure from one domain to another.

The only point you have to ensure is that your database server and ClearQuest databases residing on it are reachable to the ClearQuest clients after the change.

This task is for your Database administrator and Network administrators as part of the migration plan.

As long as the connection information to the ClearQuest databases is not modified, the ClearQuest clients should not notice the change in the network infrastructure.

In case your database is Microsoft SQL server backened, review the information provided in the following technote.

Windows DOMAIN migration impact on ClearQuest with a SQL Server backend.

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