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Planning your upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics

Product lifecycle


Review the available information and resources related to upgrading to the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics.


The following diagram shows the four stages of the upgrade workflow. Review the information in the following sections to find out more details about each stage.


Decide when you want to start testing new IBM Cognos Analytics features. You can schedule it as an additional phase after your upgrade plan is implemented or you can include the testing during the validation phase of your upgrade plan.

For assistance in developing or implementing your upgrade strategy, review these IBM Software Services for Business Analytics offerings.

Recommended reading list:

  1. Become familiar with the upgrade process
  2. Review the supported software environments
  3. Review discontinued, deprecated, and changed features documented in the IBM Cognos Analytics V11 information Center
  4. Evaluate your current environment and start developing a detailed upgrade plan
  5. Review critical steps before you upgrade
  6. Understand the core features of the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics

Optional reading list:


Prepare and set up your test or development environments. Then, start the iterative process of testing applications, validating reports and fine-tuning your upgrade plan. Optionally, you can start testing new IBM Cognos Analytics features that you want to use.

Recommended reading list:

  1. Set up your test environment
  2. Review known issues that might affect your upgrade

Optional reading list:


Prepare and set up your quality assurance (QA) or production environments. Then, repeat the process of testing applications and validating reports.


Develop a plan to adopt and incorporate the new IBM Cognos Analytics features in your environment.

Additional resources

User communities and forums

Documentation, articles, and white papers


IBM Software Services for Business Analytics

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