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WebSphere Commerce SetEARProperties fails with error ADMF0002E jndiName not found for command lookupResources

Technote (troubleshooting)


When running the ANT target SetEARProperties the build fails with, ADMF0002E: Required parameter jndiName is not found for command lookupResources, being logged.


In WebSphere Commerce V7.0 with Fix Pack 6 and Feature Pack 5, running the following ANT target SetEARProperties results in a build failure.

    AIX Linux Solaris For IBM i OS operating system WC_installdir/bin/ -DinstanceName= instance_name SetEARProperties

    Windows WC_installdir/bin/config_ant.bat -DinstanceName=instance_name SetEARProperties

The assumption for this scenario is that no modification have been made to the WC_installdir/instances/ file.

The error logged in the console running the ANT target must be as follows:

    [wsadmin] Message Text: CWXAC5526D: Variable jndiName:
    [wsadmin] WASX7017E: Exception received while running file "/opt/IBM/WebSphere/CommerceServer70/config/deployment/scripts/setEarProps.jacl"; exception information:
    [wsadmin] ADMF0002E: Required parameter jndiName is not found for command lookupResources.

    [wsadmin] WASX7341W: No "save" was performed before the interactive scripting session exited; configuration changes will not be saved.

WebSphere Commerce's application server's SystemOut.log should log the following:
    serialization W processElement Empty attribute of: "userid". META-INF/ibm-application-bnd.xml: line 7, column 14.
    serialization W processElement Empty attribute of: "password". META-INF/ibm-application-bnd.xml: line 7, column 14.ence


The WC_installdir\instances\ needs to be updated as it lacks the connectors for the Fix Pack and Feature Pack level you are on.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem

1. Make a backup of the WC_installdir/instances/

2. Open file WC_installdir/instances/ in a text editor and make sure it looks as follows (you may need to add the last 5 lines):

    Enablement-JCACrossWorldsConnector.rar=IBM CrossWorlds Resource Adapter for InterChange Server=eis/CWConnectionFactory

    Enablement-JCAEMailConnector.rar=JCA EMail Connector=eis/JCAEmail

    Enablement-JCAFileConnector.rar=JCA File Connector=eis/JCAFile

    Enablement-JCAJMSConnector.rar=JCA JMS Connector=eis/JCAJMS

    Enablement-JCASampleConnector.rar=Sample Connector=eis/JCASample

    Enablement-JCAEWGConnector.rar=EWG Connector=eis/JCAEWG

    Enablement-JCAJMS-WSConnector.rar=Enablement JCAJMS WSConnector=eis/JCAJMS-WS

    Enablement-JCAHTTPConnector.rar=Enablement JCAHTTP Connector=eis/JCAHTTP

    Enablement-JCAHTTP-WSConnector.rar=Enablement JCAHTTP WSConnector=eis/JCAHTTP-WS

    Enablement-JCASmsHTTPConnector.rar=Enablement JCASmsHTTP Connector=eis/JCASMS-HTTP

    Enablement-JCASmsWSConnector.rar=Enablement JCASms WSConnector=eis/JCASMS-WS

    Enablement-JCAKickAppsConnector.rar=Enablement JCA KickApps Connector=eis/JCAKickApps

    Enablement-JCASterlingOMSConnector.rar=JCA Sterling OMS Connector=eis/JCASterlingOMS

    Enablement-JCASocialCommerceConnector.rar=Enablement JCA Social Commerce Bazaarvoice Connector=eis/JCASocialCommerce

    Enablement-JCAConfiguratorConnector.rar=Enablement JCA Sterling Configurator Connector=eis/JCAConfigurator

    Enablement-JCACheetahMailConnector.rar=Enablement JCA CheetahMail Connector=eis/JCACheetahMail

Note: the space between lines are for you to distinguish one line from another, you do not need the space between lines in the

4. Once you add the missing connectors, save the file and make sure the ownership and permissions of the are unchanged.

5. Run the ANT target SetEARProperties again.

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