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How do you stop and restart the magent process for Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) monitoring of SNMP events?


The magent process has been inadvertently stopped (killed) or you want to recycle the process due to performance issues.


By default, the magent process is automatically started when the StartUp command is issued (to start the netman process). However, the magent process does not get recycled (it is not stopped and restarted) when issuing the conman "shut;wait" command. This only stops netman.

To recycle the magent process, perform the following steps:

1. kill -9 <magent_PID>
2. Issue ./StartUp command as the twsuser

It is not necessary to completely stop the TWS processes before performing these steps. This procedure will not result in another instance of the netman (or appserver) process; it will only restart magent.

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