Unable to activate from DC Professional 6.0.1

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to activate from DC Professional 6.0.1 results in the following errors in the ACT log:
-Invalid DPM Server: //server_name/spssmr/dimensionnet/login
-ERROR: Exception thrown. Message: Tcp channel url must have a port number: TCP://http://server_name/spssmr/dimensionnet/login:65100/Server Source: System.Runtime.Remoting


In order to activate projects over the internet the FileManagerWebserviceUrl needs to be defined with the fully qualified machine name: exampleserver.com instead of exampleserver.

Resolving the problem

Navigate to [INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\6\DDL\Code\Tools\VB.NET\DPM Explorer.Net and double click DPMExplorer.exe. This opens the DPM Explorer window. In the left-hand frame expand the main site entry and click the Properties entry. A list of site properties is displayed in the upper right-hand frame.
Do the following for the FileManagerWebServiceUrl properties:
• Click the property name or value.
This displays the property's value in the lower right-hand frame.
• In the lower right-hand frame, replace the machine name with the fully qualified machine name and click Apply.
This updates the entry in the upper right-hand frame.

See also the following topic in the Information Center 6.0.1:

Replacing machine names in URLs with fully qualified machine names

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