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Open Mic on 'IBM Lotus Notes Calendaring & Scheduling, Best Practices and Troubleshooting' -14th February 2013

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IBM hosted an Open Mic call for customers on topic 'IBM Lotus Notes Calendaring & Scheduling, Best
Practices and Troubleshooting' on 14th February 2013.There was a presentation of approximately 45 minutes followed by Q&A session.

Resolving the problem

1. When we set the reminder for tomorrow's meeting, the reminder does not trigger on the second machine where the ID is configured ? User is having local replica of mail file.
We assume that local replica is upto date with mail file on server.
When Notes Client is initialized, it checks the notes.ini for the $EnableAlarms setting. It checks if this is set to $EnableAlarms=1. If so, then Alarms Daemon process will start. then Notes reads the Location document in the Personal Address book to find the name and location of the mail file. Then it checks that mail file to make sure the user has selected "Enable alarm notifications" in the Scheduling Options section of the Calendar Profile. If "Enable alarm notifications" isn't selected, then this process gets terminated.

The Alarms Daemon then checks the "($Alarms)" hidden folder to see if any alarms were scheduled to go off prior to TODAY. If it contains the entry the missed alarms will display in a Missed Alarms dialog box. The Alarms Daemon will process missed alarms only once during the session. By default, the Alarms Daemon polls the user's mail server every 10 minutes to check for upcoming alarms that will need processing. If the alarm is displayed on first machine, then it removes the entry from $Alarms hidden folder, so on second machine, the alarm will not be displayed.

2. User has repeating meeting invitation in the mail file where he/she finds that, few of documents show non-existent document when trying to open. So why few meeting documents can't be opened ?

It can be a corruption in the document, may be missing some required fields like Start date, End date, ApptUNID etc. (but not limited to these) OR
If the parent document or any child instance of repeating meeting is missing in the Calendar, then this problem can happen. It is very important to check how this repeating invitation was created and modified. e.g.- If the chair person/delegate user has used any mobile device to create or reschedule the repeat meeting then we need to recreate the problem with same steps. So please contact IBM support for assistance.

3. What are the probable causes of Busytime database not getting updated properly ?

● User is not listed in the Busytime/Clubusy.nsf database
● Duplicate Entries for the same user/room in Busytime/Clubusy.nsf
● User's Calendar profile corruption in the mail file
● Person document corruption or missing some fields or changed to new server, user rename cases where old values still exist in Calendar Profile/Busytime database.
● Using different replicas of mail file but have problem in replication etc.

4. The Busytime database was not able to pull the information for single room. Many times, you need to recreate Busytime.nsf database to resolve the issue. What are the best practices to avoid recreation of Busytime.nsf database?

As the issue is with specific room, check if that the room has duplicate entries in Busytime.nsf, if so remove them. Many old reservations related to this room may not be purged. If so, purge old entries by enabling Purge agent in Resource database. Check if the Mail-in database document has correct field values as per room name especially if the room is renamed. If so, please correct them. Make sure that you don't have any old Busytime.nsf present in the data directory.
Best practice is to keep Purge agent working in Resource database and do not customize the value in Purge agent to remove the older than xx days reservations. By default this is set to 2 days. Don't set it to very high value like 90 days. You can set it to 7 days etc if required.
If unable to progress on the issue, please contact IBM support.

PDF Presentation:-
Open_Mic_on_IBM Lotus Notes Calendaring & Scheduling, Best Practices and Troubleshooting-14thFeb2013.pdfOpen_Mic_on_IBM Lotus Notes Calendaring & Scheduling, Best Practices and Troubleshooting-14thFeb2013.pdf

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