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Client scheduler daemon doesn't start automatically at boot up of Red Hat Linux 6

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Why does the client scheduler fail to start at boot up of Red Hat Linux 6 even though the following line is added in /etc/inittab?

tsm::once:/usr/bin/dsmc sched > /dev/null 2>&1


Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, init from the sysvinit package has been replaced with Upstart. The /etc/inittab file is deprecated, and is now used only for setting up the default runlevel via the initdefault line. Other configuration is done via upstart jobs in the /etc/init directory.
Instead of starting the scheduler service by "/usr/bin/dsmc sched" command, it is recommended to use Client Accepter Daemon (CAD) to run the client scheduler. Beginning with version 6.3.0, Tivoli Storage Manager client installs a script, /etc/init.d/dsmcad, which can be used to start/stop/restart the CAD daemon. One can also make it start automatically after system restart. Please refer to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for UNIX and Linux Backup-Archive Clients Installation and User's Guid -

As for the difference between the client-acceptor scheduler services and the traditional scheduler services, please refer to

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager

Software version: 6.3, 6.4

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1624682

Modified date: 03 January 2015