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MustGather - WDI Client database errors

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Collect troubleshooting data for problems with IBM WebSphere Data Interchange. Gathering this information before calling IBM support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving the problem

This document describes how to collect troubleshooting data specifically for when you encounter a database error in Windows based WDI Client..

Database error encountered in WDI Client

In most cases, unexpected errors encountered during WDI Client navigation are related to the database. If the error is DB2 related, diagnose the issue first by checking the specific SQL code and DB2 reason code.

If the issue persists, and when requested by Support, capture a DB2 CLI trace and/or ODBC trace as follows:

CLI and DB2 Trace instructions:

- Use the following document for specific DB2 instructions: Collecting data: CLI Applications
- Recreate the problem on WDI 3.3 Client,
- Close the error window and exit WDI Client,
- Turn all tracing off,
- Zip/compress the trace files before submitting information to IBM Support.

ODBC Tracing instructions:

Windows Start menu -> Administrative tools -> Data Sources (ODBC) -> Tracing tab (see below) -> Click browse to fill log file path with a valid path and a new file name (the file name you enter will be created for you)

- Click Apply, then click "Start tracing now",
- Start WDI Client and then recreate the problem,
- Close the error window and exit WDI Client,
- Close WDI Client,
- Stop ODBC tracing,
- Zip/compress the trace file before submitting information to IBM Support.

Submitting information to IBM Support

After a PMR is open, you can submit diagnostic MustGather data to IBM. If using Service Request (SR), update the PMR to indicate that data has been sent.

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