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T4 GUI installer fails to install low-level collector

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Under Windows, the T4 GUI installer indicated that the installation completed OK, but the default behavior modules and the low-level supporting processes are not installed. How do you resolve this issue?


This scenario can be caused by a previous failed install or a previous failed uninstall of the T4 agent or ETEWatch application.


The GUI installer posts a message similar to the following after it installs the T4 agent on under Windows:

Return code 0 normally means that the agent installed OK. However, during installation, existing registry entries may cause the installer to incorrectly determine that certain components are already installed. Consequently, the installer skips installing these components.

After T4 installation completes, the following subdirectories of the C:\IBM\ITM\TMAITM6\cat\Mgmt\Collector directory are missing:

TC -- Normally contains the default behavior modules.
Sds and Collector -- Normally contain low-level supporting processes.

Also, the installation logs may not indicate that anything unusual happened. Review the installation logs in the following directory:

C:\IBM\ITM\InstallITM\plugin\executionEvents\logs\<date-time stamp>\

The first inclination is to run the following command to uninstall the CAT (Client Application Tracker), and then uninstall the T4 agent from the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog.


Refer to the following section in the ITCAM for Transactions Installation and Configuration Guide:

Manually uninstalling the Client Application Tracker before
uninstalling the Client Response Time agent

When you run the cat_image\setup.exe command, the following message displays:

Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel.


1) Stop the T4 agent.

2) Click Start > Run. Enter regedit or regedit32 to open the Windows registry editor.

3) Remove the keys associated with the ETEWatch and Client Application Tracker.

4) Close the registry editor.

5) Restart the Windows operating system.

6) Use the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog to uninstall the T4 agent.

7) Restart the Windows operating system.

8) Reinstall the T4 agent.

9) Verify the T4 installation. Refer to the related url section below.

Note: ITCAM for Transactions V7.3 fix packs are the final releases to include Client Response Time. Client Response Time is deprecated in ITCAM for Transactions V7.4.

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