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How to Expose the INVCOST.CONTROLACC Field to the UI?

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How do I Expose the INVCOST.CONTROLACC Field to the UI using App Designer?


When Exposing the INVCOST.CONTROLACC Field to the UI, please make sure you select the correct Control Account in the Select Value dialog:

To double check, bring up Internal Field Help in the Inventory app by pressing the [Alt] and [i] keys together:


There are 2 Control Account columns in the INVCOST table:

CONTROLACCOUNT: this is used in the Inventory Adjustments - Average Cost and Standard Cost algorithm. It is a non-persistent column that we use to populate INVTRANS.

CONTROLACC: this is the actual column in the INVCOST table. If you let your users to change control accounts at the Inventory Cost level, you may expose the INVCOST.CONTROLACC field in the Inventory Costs section via Application Designer.

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