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IBM Sterling Connect:Express TOMTABL panel does not close when exiting

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IBM Sterling Connect:Express TOMTABL panel does not close when exiting


The ddname TOMTABL is allocated to use MEMO, but, when trying to exit Sterling Connect:Express z/OS panels, TOMTABL is still OPEN, not allowing to deallocate it, causing a problem as all panels will have the same MEMO.


This issue relates to ISPF table management when table are open using libraries. The library used for the tables are not closed when TBEND or TBCLOSE is issued and the library can not be freed.


IBM Sterling Connect:Express for z/OS 4.3.0

Resolving the problem

Apply fix for Connect:Express z/OS 4.3.0 APAR PM81608

ISPF release the library on a next TBOPEN on a new library.
Code Fixed by opening a DUMMY table on a DUMMY library.

If the LIBRARY parameter is used with a table service, the user is not able to free the ddname for the table library pointed to by the LIBRARY parameter. ISPF keeps this library open until a new ddname is used in the LIBRARY parameter with another table service. ISPF functions in this manner for performance reasons.
Issuing a table service with a LIBRARY parameter containing a ddname that does not exist causes the previous library to be closed and therefore allows the user to free the previous ddname. Use of CONTROL ERRORS RETURN may be used to guard against a severe error as a result of a ddname not existing.

Fixed Component: --> C2B2PERC C2B2PEAU

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Software version: 4.3

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1624527

Modified date: 02 July 2013