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How to analyze rcpmon.dmp from Lotus Notes crashes when java core are not generated.

Technote (troubleshooting)


JVM crash on Notes2.exe and no java core log gets generated.


Lotus Notes Crash on Standard installation, this can happen also on Admin client and Designer client


The java core file has many causes for not being generated , one would be terminating the nsd prompt and interrupting the nsd to complete dumping the java core and nsd, another would be OS patches missing from OS or 3rd party application interfereing with Notes.


Notes standard client on Windows and Linux

Diagnosing the problem

There are two methods to extract the java core file:

A. Steps to Extract the java core:

1. Use DTFJ DumpAnalyzer tool on Archive Explorer. Select the option to generate a javaocre-like output. ( Basic or Extended) and

2. Search the result file for the string ""JavaStackSection for JavaThread: main" and you will see the whole crash stack.

B. Use jextract.exe and jdmpview.exe. jextract.exe cab be found in <notes program dir> jvm bin. Below command will generate a xml file with same name as the dump file:

jextract <dump file name> -nozip

jdmpview.exe can be found in IBM development package for Eclipse, which can be downloaded from IBM website. Below commands can generate all information about each thread:

jdmpview -core <core file> -xml <xml file>

>info thread *

Either way will produce same analysis result

Resolving the problem

see above, also we will try to add the tool to laza

Document information

More support for: IBM Notes

Software version: 8.0, 8.0.1,,, 8.0.2,,,,,,, 8.5,,, 8.5.1,,,,,, 8.5.2,,,,, 8.5.3,,,

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Software edition: Social Edition, Standard

Reference #: 1624504

Modified date: 06 February 2013

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