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Reasons why best effort messages are being discarded

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In Websphere Application Server, you have your destinations set up in your Service Integration Bus to use Best Effort Nonpersistent messages. You lost some of your Best Effort nonpersistent messages during normal functioning of the system and do not know why. There are no errors nor exceptions in the server logs nor in the application log to explain why the messages are lost.


A reliability level of best effort nonpersistent means that messages might be lost during normal functioning of the system, for example if the connection used to send the messages is busy. Although this is normal and expected, you might want to investigate the reasons for messages being lost.

Resolving the problem

There may be scenarios where you will loose the best effort nonpersistent messages. The following list explains some of the reasons for losing best effort messages:

1) The destination queue or topic space has already reached the high message threshold (that is, it is full).

    To check whether this is the case, click Service integration -> Buses -> bus_name -> Destinations -> destination_name and under Message points click the relevant point type (for example, Queue points). Click the relevant message point to display its general properties, and compare the values of the High message threshold and Current message depth fields.

2) The connection to the target system is down or busy. Any best effort messages that cannot be sent will be discarded.

3) The system in general is busy, for example a messaging engine might be occupied processing higher reliability messages for another destination.

4) The messaging engine which hosts the queue is down or failed in some other way.

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