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How do I fix the error "DDL is not permitted for a read-only connection" when trying to create a charting portlet?


1) The following error is noticed when trying to create a charting portlet:

2) The $TIP_HOME/profiles.TIPProfile/logs/server1/SystemOut.log shows following error as well:

[1/29/13 5:41:18:739 EST] 00000024 rest E getDatasourceWidgetDefinition unexpected exception: (ATKRST100E) ATKRST100E An unexpected error occured. The error message is as follows: 'DDL is not permitted for a read-only connection, user or database.'.: nested exception is:
java.sql.SQLException: DDL is not permitted for a read-only connection, user or database.


This happens if the server is started as another user (root) and then try to start it as the user that has installed TIP.
This is because some permission on the derby DB files would be changed and the non-root user would not have permission to overwrite that file at the time of start-up.

Resolving the problem

1) Navigate to <TIPHOME>

2) Find all files that are not owned by TIP install user by running
find . ! -user {TCR install userid} -print

3) Once the files are found, run "chown" command to change the ownership of the files to the install user.

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