No text displays on page with iNotes mail file using Internet Explorer 9

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When launching iNotes with Internet Explorer 9 you find that the icons display, however no text appears at all. However iNotes displays fine with Internet Explorer 8 and other browsers (Firefox , Chrome etc.)

Other web pages /applications appear to display fine also, so the issue seems specific to iNotes and Internet Explorer 9. The issue also occurred on some workstations only.


There's an incompatibility between the Helvetica Type 1 Font and Internet Explorer 9 which causes this issue. Some other web pages will also have problems.


After the Helvetica Type 1 font was removed from the Operating System, the same issue did not occur and the iNotes User Interface displayed correctly.

Another work-around found was to enable the option in Internet Explorer:

Tools \Internet Options\ General \Accessibility\ Ignore Font Styles specified on Webpages

Further research indicates that a later version of the Helvetica or OpenType Helvetica font might also work-around the issue.

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