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Receive 'Application level error' when exporting a huge pivot table from IBM SPSS Statistics

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I am working with IBM SPSS Statistics 19 or higher.
I try to export a huge pivot table from Output Viewer to MS Excel or Word, but I receive the following error:
"Application level error. SPSS has encountered a problem with memory. Please attempt to save your work and then exit."

How can I export my huge Pivot tables?

Resolving the problem

Exporting huge Pivot tables to another application file format needs a lot of memory on Export - Output from the viewer SPV file. So if you receive the above message on exporting such tables you may consider to upgrade your machine hardware memory.

Another workaround is to use OMS syntax command instead of the Output Export function as OMS works differently than direct Export to another application format file from Output Viewer.

"The Output Management System (OMS) provides the ability to automatically write selected categories of output to different output files in different formats.
Formats include: Word, Excel, PDF, IBM SPSS Statistics data file format (.sav), Viewer file format (.spv), web report format (.spw), XML, HTML, and text. "

See the topic OMS options on the Statistics Help for more information.

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