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FAILED to Synchronize - class NotASignedMessage error found in client log

Technote (troubleshooting)


A client cannot gather from the TEM server when the license key has changed in the masthead. This often happens when re-installing the server components using a new license authorization file.


The clients cannot gather or report. No clients appear in the console.

Diagnosing the problem

Gather client logs.

Resolving the problem

In General: see the following article which outlines troubleshooting for general FAILED to Synchronize issues:

More specifically, the following error message is also found in the client logs when the client cannot gather from the main TEM server because the main TEM server has been re-installed under a new license authorization file. Re-installing under a new license creates a new licensed deployment with a new masthead. And, this new masthead contains a new license key. And because the new license key in the masthead on the server does not match the old license key in the masthead on the client, the TEM client "can not verify the authenticity of the site content" as being signed with the expected key and so a "class NotASignedMessage" error exception is thrown.

At 06:26:17 -0500 - actionsite ( FAILED to Synchronize - Tivoli Endpoint Manager could not verify the authenticity of the site content. - class NotASignedMessage - gather url -

To solve this problem, the TEM Administrator needs to re-deploy all of the clients in the deployment again with the server's current masthead. Relay components will also need to be re-deployed and re-configured again as well.

Note: The relay component is deployed by taking action on the relay deployment tasks found in the BES Support site.

See related links for more information on deploying clients and relays.

For this specific scenario: the following enhancement request has been submitted to create a method for clients to automatically re-register with a newly licensed server in order to avoid the effort of having to re-deploy all endpoints in a TEM deployment.


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