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Fixlet Debugger crashes on opening

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What to do when Fixlet Debugger crashes on opening


Try these actions and see if they solve the issue:
- Delete the HKCU\Software\BigFix\Fixletdebugger key and relaunch the Fixlet debugger
- Change the screen resolution between Fixlet debugger runs
- Fixlet Debugger requires Administrative UAC Execution level, so if UAC is enabled, check if the user allows UAC privileges
- The user running the Fixlet Debugger needs the SeDebugPrivilege, the User Right: Debug programs
has to be granted to the user.
This requirement is due to new inspectors that have been added to recent versions of Fixlet
Debugger, these inspectors require that privilege, the older versions of the Fixlet Debugger don't
have this requirement.
For example, if you have a Win 2008 R2 machine, you may follow these steps to set this privilege:
1. Go to Start\Administrative Tools\Local Security Policy
2. Open Local Policies\User Rights Assignments
3. Add the group or your user to the "Debug programs" setting.

If the issue should persist after taking the above actions, collect a minidump when fixlet debugger crashes
You may use procdump, available at
Please, use the following option when you run procdump:
-w (It allows to wait for the specified process if it is not launched yet )
-ma (It allows to get a full memory dump)

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Modified date: 16 January 2014

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