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Steps to create and consume Inventory reservations for drop ship orders

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Steps to create and consume Inventory reservations for drop ship orders


1. Run reserveItemInventory API with the input xml

<ReserveItemInventory CheckInventory="Y" DemandType="" ItemID="DS_Item" ItemOrganizationCode="DEFAULT" OrganizationCode="DEFAULT" QtyToBeReserved="5" ReservationID="DS_RESERVE" ShipNode="DS_ENT1_Node" UnitOfMeasure="EACH" />

Output :

<ReserveItemInventory ApplyFutureSafetyFactor="Y" ApplyOnhandSafetyFactor="Y" CancelledQty="0.00" CheckInventory="Y" ExpirationDate="2500-01-01T00:00:00-05:00" ItemID="DS_Item" OrganizationCode="DEFAULT" ProductClass="" QtyToBeCancelled="0.00" QtyToBeReserved="5.00" ReservationID="DS_RESERVE" ReservationStatus="1000" ReserveIfPartial="" ReservedQty="5.00" ShipNode="DS_ENT1_Node" UnitOfMeasure="EACH" />

In Inventory Console, we will be able to see a demand type of Reserve with quantity 5.

A record is created in yfs_inventory_reservation.

2. Create a order using createOrder API with the below input.

<Order EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT" SellerOrganizationCode="DS_ENT2" >
<PersonInfoShipTo Country="US" ZipCode="93389"/>
<PersonInfoBillTo Country="US" ZipCode="93389"/>
<OrderLine OrderedQty="5" ShipNode="DS_ENT1_Node">
<Item ItemID="DS_Item" UnitOfMeasure="EACH"/>
<OrderLineReservation ItemID="DS_Item" Node="DS_ENT1_Node" Quantity="5" UnitOfMeasure="EACH" ReservationID="DS_RESERVE" />


<Order DocumentType="0001" EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT" OrderHeaderKey="2012110719485777204" OrderNo="Y100000143" />

A order is created and the reserve demand still exists. And in yfs_inventory_reservation the record exists.

2. Schedule the order. In yfs_inventory_reservation removes the record existing and inventory console the reserve order demand still exists.

3. Run createChainedOrder with the below input xml.

<Order OrderHeaderKey="2012110719485777204" />

<Order DocumentType="0001" EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT" OrderHeaderKey="2012110719485777204" OrderNo="Y100000143">
- <ChainedOrderList>
<Order DocumentType="0005" EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT" OrderHeaderKey="2012110720094977314" OrderNo="Y100000144" />

The reserve order demand is removed and the 5 quantity is added to Allocated demand type.
Hence the reservation is consumed.

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