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"No data was found for the current selections" when running 'Ledger Report' using DB2 or Oracle database, despite there being data in the database

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User opens menu item "Reports - Ledger Report". User runs a group leger report, but receives a message "No data was found for the current selections". User gets this message whatever level/company/group he chooses. However:
* if the superuser browses the data (directly looks at the XDBxx tables) then the data does indeed exist there.
* in addition, if the user runs a "Trial Balance with Drilldown" report, then the data/values appear OK



No data was found for the current selections.


There are several possible causes for similar messages.

  • For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1346656.

This Technote relates to the scenario where the cause is a code production problem (APAR PM82969) in Controller.


Both of the following are true:

  • Controller database hosted on DB2 or Oracle database server.
  • Customer using Controller version between 8.5.1414 to 8.5.2011 (inclusive), or version 10.1.332 onwards.

Resolving the problem

There is a choice, depending on what version of Controller you are currently using:

  • Controller 8.5.2011 or earlier - either:
    • upgrade to version 8.5.2012 (or later 8.5.x release)
    • or upgrade to 10.1.2155 or later.
  • Controller 10.1 or later - upgrade to 10.1.2155 or later.

Use one of the following reports instead:
  • "Trial Balance with Drilldown"
  • "Journals across"
  • "User-defined Excel link report"

Related information

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