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Some screen labels not translated and showing in English

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For various reasons, some clients can find that some labels on screens are not translated and show in English.

Resolving the problem

The process below will help to resolve many of these issues. It will not resolve for issues where the translation is missing from the translation ( xliff ) files.

1. You will need to locate the xliff file/s that holds these translations. They should be in a subdirectory structure below C:\maximo\tools\maximo\<language>\xliff (where <language> is a two letter code for the language in question.

Each entry in an xliff file gives the source text and the target translation.

2 Go to C:\maximo\tools\maximo\<language>\xliff directory.

3 Rename the xliff directory to xliff_backup.

4. Create a new directory named xliff.

5. Copy the xliff file/s that contain the missing translations from the backup directory to this new directory.
6 Retrieve the earliest version from this file, i.e. -
<sup:Reference Type='Version'>V7110-890</sup:Reference>

7 Go to C:\maximo\tools\maximo directory.

8 Run tdtoolkit similar to below

tdtoolkit -addlang<language> -version<the version should be one less than the earliest version available>

e.g. tdtoolkit -addlangfr -versionV7110-889
This will implement all entries in the files for French language that are above version V7110-889

8. It will start the import process for the translated xliff files that you have moved to the xliff directory. Check the output is OK.

9. Restore the original xliff folder from the xliff_backup folder from item 3 above.

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