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Which are the required steps to enroll an Android device


The following steps are needed:
- Configure the iOS Management Extender as described in Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices Setup Guide
- Deploy the fixlet "Configure Android Relay for Enrollment Extender" to choose which TEM relay the Android devices will be using to connect to the TEM infrastructure. The fixlet ID is 190, it is in Mobile Device Management site.
The "Android Relay" is the TEM Relay that an Android device will start using after it has successfully enrolled. This value can be any relay, and doesn't have to be the relay the Enrollment Extender currently sits on.

Application Deployment:
- Deploy the IBM Endpoint Manager Mobile client App on the Android device
- On the Enroll page of the app, input the name of the Management Extender. If the port used to configure the Management Extender is not the default 443, use the following:
Pay attention, iOS extender is needed to Enrolling Android devices since MDM 1.4 release, Mobile Device Management site version 53. The Android devices that had been already enrolled before site version 53 don't require any action. Nothing changed for them.
- On the following panel, input your email address and choose who owns the device

Configuration over the internet:
- To correctly manage mobile devices, it is suggested to allow communication over the internet.
Since iOS Management Extender must sit on a relay, it is suggested to publish the relay on which we are planning to install and configure the iOS Management Extender on the internet so that both iOS and Android devices can be managed: to achieve this both port 443 (or whichever port has been configured to configure the iOS Management Extender) and port 52311 (or whichever port has been configured in your TEM environment).

Troubleshooting Connection Issues:
- Check the TEM iOS Extender is reachable by opening the following URL from a browser: https://ios_extender_address:443. If another port has been used in configuring the iOS Extender then use this
- Check the TEM relay is reachable by opening the following URL from a broswer: http://tem_relay:52311/masthead. The masthead file is shown if configuration is successful
- Check there is no typo error for android_relay and hostname fields in config.yaml file of the management extender

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