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Upgrade from IBM Rational ClearCase to or later using Installation Manager does not preserve ClearCase registry

Technote (troubleshooting)


When performing an IBM Rational ClearCase upgrade from to or later the ClearCase registry is not preserved.


After upgrading from Rational ClearCase version through to version or later, you cannot find your ClearCase views and VOBs.


The Clearcase registry folder is being backed up in a location which is not recognized during the installation of the or higher.


All Windows Editions.

Diagnosing the problem

After completing the upgrade process, run cleartool-> lsview command.

Note: The default location for the Cleartool command line interface is C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\bin\cleartool.exe.

The above command should return a listing with all ClearCase views, for example:

* your_view \\your_machine\ClearCase_views\your_view.vws

  1. If no views are returned, then the ClearCase registry was not restored during the upgrade process.

Resolving the problem

Complete these steps to restore the ClearCase registry settings from the Rational.preserve folder created during the ClearCase upgrade process.

  1. Stop all ClearCase process using Windows Services (Start > AdministrativeTools > Services), or by running the Windows net net stop service_namecommand from the Windows command prompt.

    You can view services that are running by using the Windows net start command. For a list of ClearCase services, see Rational ClearCase server processes in the ClearCase Information Center.
  2. Move the rgy folder in the Rational.preserve folder to the ClearCase home directory (default directory = C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\var\rgy\).
    If prompted, use the Replace option, to overwrite the existing registry information.

    Important: Use the Move action when copying the registry information from the Rational.preserve folder to the ClearCase directory. The Move operation copies the data and the access control list (ACL) information for the folder. If you use the Copy action, the ACL information might be lost and result in permission problems when accessing the registry information.
  3. Start all ClearCase services using Windows Services or by running the net start service_name command.

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