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How to start or stop the Domino service remotely?

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Is there a way to stop or start the Domino service remotely on a Windows machine?


To stop or start the Domino server remotely you can use Microsoft's Windows IPC$ share to create temporary connection with the server and send an administrative command.

Step 1 - create the connection with remote server:

Open the CMD (command prompt) and use following command (provide username and password if asked):

net use \\hostname\IPC$

where hostname is the IP or the name of the machine

Step 2 - send command to stop/start the Domino service (use proper hostaname/IP and the Domino service name and path):

To stop the Domino server:

sc \\hostname stop "Lotus Domino Server (Cdominodata)"

To start the Domino server:

sc \\hostname start "Lotus Domino Server (Cdominodata)"

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