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Prefixes are not ignored when sorting on subject

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You have upgraded to Notes 8.5.3 and the 8.5.3 mail template but notice that common prefixes like "Re:" and "Fwd:" are not ignored when sorting on subject. Why does this occur?

Diagnosing the problem

Ignoring common prefixes like "Re:" and "Fwd:" was added to Notes 8.5.3 and requires a mail template based on version 8.5.3. This functionality works based on code in the mail file's (SortSubjectCompute) form, the Initialize event of the database script, and a value stored in the calendar profile's SSUpdate field.
The following algorithm determines if the prefixes to ignore are saved to the mail file's color profile:

  1. When the database is opened, the database script Initialize event runs code that checks the SSUpdate field in the calendar profile.
  2. The value from SSUpdate is checked against the value stored directly in the Initialize event in a variable named strSubjStringUpdate.
  3. If those values are different, the code in the setCalProfile field in the (SortSubjectCompute) form runs to set the prefixes that are ignored in the subject sort. These prefixes are saved in the $SortPrefixes field in the mail file's color profile.

Resolving the problem

If you do not see the $SortPrefixes field in color profile or it does not contain all prefixes to be ignored, change the value of either SSUpdate in the calendar profile or change the value of strSubjStringUpdate in the Initialize event of the mail file's database script. The actual value is unimportant. The $SortPrefixes field will be updated if the two values are different.

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More support for: IBM Notes

Software version: 8.5.3

Operating system(s): Linux, OS X, Windows

Reference #: 1623551

Modified date: 06 February 2013

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