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Traffic is blocked after applying fw0343c3c to 10 GB Network Active Bypass appliances

Technote (troubleshooting)


After applying fw0343c3c to the 10 GB Network Active Bypass (NAB), the appliance blocks all traffic after it restarts.


After applying the update, you will see the following error on boot when connected to the local console:

No valid version information of inventory structure


According to the manufacturer, this error means the NAB did not map to the correct hardware during the upgrade.

Resolving the problem

Run the following command from the local console and then restart the NAB to map the hardware correctly:

board_inv w n2818A-T 1 1 00:0c:bd:00:00:01 1 DS460r3

Note: The mac address in the command is an internal address and is the same on all 10 GB NAB appliances.

Document information

More support for: IBM Security Network Active Bypass

Software version: 3.0

Operating system(s): Firmware

Reference #: 1623534

Modified date: 28 January 2013

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