CSQT001E CSQTOGMN Unable to allocate above the bar storage using IARV64, RC=00000008, reason=4A001620

Technote (troubleshooting)


A storage constraint condition occurs during normal queue manager processing. This occurs whenever WebSphere MQ attempts to allocate above-the-bar storage by using the z/OS IARV64 service. When this message occurs the queue manager terminates with completion code 5C6 and reason code 00A31000.


Storage allocation fails for 64-bit storage.


MEMLIMIT has not been coded on the WebSphere MQ MSTR started proc.

Diagnosing the problem

Users should check the queue manager joblogs for the above message contents.

Resolving the problem

Refer to the WebSphere MQ Information Center topic on MEMLIMIT since the default for this parameter is 0 .

While unrelated to this symptom, also note that REGION=0M is the general recommendation to define region size per the same topic.

Also note that for 64-bit common storage, each queue manager will allocate 8 Meg by design.

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WebSphere MQ WMQ

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