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How to run Jboss 6 as a Windows Service for C&DS 5.0?

Technote (troubleshooting)


Customer deployed C&DS 5 into Jboss 6. Application Server Jboss 6 does not automatically create a Windows Service, customer asking how to run Jboss 6 as a Windows Service for C&DS 5.

This technote is informational only,
C&DS Technical Support does not support the setup of the customer's application server to run as a Windows Service.


Additional steps are needed to run Jboss 6 as a Windows Service. Once that is set up, then C&DS will automatically start versus having to run the startserver.bat command.


With C&DS 5.0, we no longer create a Windows Service for the application server that C&DS is deployed into. It is up to the user to work with their application server to set up running the application server as a service.


Windows 2003/2008 R2

Diagnosing the problem

Error: Cannot connect to C&DS 5 because Jboss has not been started.

Resolving the problem

Please refer to the following url for Windows instructions on "How To Create a User-Defined Service"

Please be aware in the following sections of the instructions:

- Use the Sc.exe utility from the Resource Kit.

Type the following from a MS-DOS command prompt:
<path>\Sc.exe start <My Service>

where <path> is the drive and directory of the Windows NT Resource Kit (i.e., C:\Reskit).

The actual command that needs to be run via command line to create a Windows Service for C&DS5/Jboss 6 is:

sc create IBM_SPSS_CADS binPath= "C:\jboss-6.0.0.
Final\wrapper\bin\wrapper.exe -s C:\jboss-6.0.0.
Final\wrapper\conf\wrapper.conf" displayName = "IBM SPSS Collaboration
and Deployment Services 5.0"

IMPORTANT: The equal sign after binPath -- there is NO space before
the equal sign but there IS A space after the equal sign. Not
following this direction will cause the command to fail.

The name in quotes and the display name can be configured to what is desired, but the name after SC CREATE cannot have any spaces or special characters other than an underscore.

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