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How to set UNA segment for EDIFACT transactions

Technote (troubleshooting)


User is using the UNOC:2 character set for Edifact transaction but the UNA segment is not being generated. They are using the Send translator to generate this outbound message.


The reason the UNA segment is not being generated is that the Send Translator does not check the UNB01 or UNB02 element for the character set and syntax. This is only done if user is using DT translation.

Resolving the problem

To force WDI to create a UNA segment for Send translation, the user will need to specify an override under the Trading Partner profile for any of the "Special Characters" if even to the same value as already in the E envelope standard, which supplies the default values. On Windows, for example, specify the delimiter for the segment delimiter to a value of "27" in order to get the " ' " as the segment delimiter. This change is done on the Trading Partner Profile of the Receiving Trading Partner under the WDI Procession Options tab. Here is an example of the change to be made on Windows and AIX:

For z/OS users:

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Modified date: 25 January 2013

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