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Remove Warning Message During Bulk PO Close

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Is it possible to remove or suppress the warning message regarding PO Lines that have not been invoiced after closing multiple PO records at once?


If a set of multiple PO records is selected on the List tab in Purchase Orders, and a bulk Status change to Close is executed, it is possible to get one or more warning messages regarding PO Lines that have not been invoiced. This will stop the process and no records in the set will be updated to Closed status. The reasons for the PO Lines not being invoiced may be valid, such as when the items are knowingly not received.


If it is warranted to close all of the selected PO records, regardless of any PO Lines which have not been invoiced, then an update to the database can be made to suppress this warning message.

This condition no longer exists in Maximo and higher, but there is a manual fix that you can apply to your environment which should correct this condition.

Run the following update against your database. You will need to log
out of Maximo and then log back in to verify the change.

update maxvars set varvalue=1 where varname='CLOSENOINVOICEPO'

Additionally, the maximo server will need to be restarted.

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