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005010x231a1 999 document has introduced 3 new rejection codes for the IK5 and the AK9.

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Ack Reconciliation/Monitor program EDID510 now updates the EDIOEA databank with the correct statuses. Databank Inquiry program EDID550 reports the new reject statuses.

Reject statuses on IK5 and AK9 - version 005010x231a1  999 doc.
IK5 - Implementation transaction set response trailer
AK9 - Functional group response trailer


The Existing field ACK-STATUS will continue to be set to 'R'.
New field (ACK-SUB-STATUS) will be added to the EDIOEA group and transaction records.
This new field holds the M, W and X values.
This way any programs that look for rejected statuses will still find these.
The EDID510 and EDID550 programs will combine these status codes for their reporting. 
The online screens will combine the two fields for display, including the Databank Detail display (pf14). 


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