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How to install IBM Cognos Transformer on separate Windows machine for Metrics 4.0

Technote (troubleshooting)


By default, the Cognos installation script provided by Metrics installs Cognos Busniness Intelligence and Transformer together on one machine. But sometimes customers have requirement of installing them on separate machines, for example, installing Cognos BI on one Linux system and Transformer on Windows system. This article gives a solution of how to install Cognos Transformer on one separate Windows machine for Metrics4.0.

Resolving the problem

Following the steps:

1. Install IBM Congos Transformer on Windows

1. Get the installation files of IBM Cognos Transormer 10.1.1

2. Run isetup.exe to install Cognos Transformer to machine

2. Configure IBM Cognos Transformer

    • On the computer where you installed IBM Congos Transormer, start IBM Congos Configuration
    • In the Explorer window, click Environment
    • In the Properties window, in the Gateway URI and Dispatcher URI for external applications box, type the following value poiting to yor Cognos BI server:
    • From the File menu, click Save

3. Prepare the Cognos Server Setup Package
    • can be found in the /Cognos folder within the Connections product meida
    • Download the CognosConfig package to a temporary location on the Transformer server
    • Create a directory to contain the expanded package; for example:


    • Expand the package into the new directory

4. Prepare file

Prepare the file by filling in a value for the following property:

cognos.transformer.install.path - set this property to the path where the Cognos Transformer is installed


cognos.transformer.install.path=c:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Cognos

Please note that the default installation directory of transformor is ...\Cognos\c10. If the default directory is used, please set the path as ...\Cognos\c10

5. Configure the Cognos Transformer with Metrics code

Prepare the following input value:

Value Name
SetupProp Path to Cognos setup properties file "C:\software\cognos\CognosConfig\"
cognosSrvLink Cognos BI server URL to the context root part (with http://)
cognosCubePath Path to where the Cognos cube will be stored. Should be network folder if Cognos BI server is on a different server than Cognos Transformer server "C:\cognos\cube"
metricsDBType Metrics db type (db2, oracle, sqlserver) sqlserver
metricsDBName Metrics database name METRICS
metricsDBLocalName Transformer server node local metrics database name METRICS1
metricsDBHost Metrics database host name and port
metricsDBUser Metrics database user name METRICSUSER (for Oracle and SQLServer) or LCUSER (for DB2)
metricsDBPassword Metrics db user password "password"
cognosAdminUserName Cognos admin user (LDAP user) CognosAdminUser
cognosAdminUserNS Cognos namespace for admin user IBMConnections
cognosAdminUserPW Cognos admin user password (LDAP user) "password"

Go to the Cognos server setup package folder:
for example:

For Windows: C:\CognosSetup

Make sure the Cognos BI server is started and running okay.

Run following command with input values:

bin/configTransformer.bat|sh -setupProp="" -cognosSrvLink= -cognosCubePath="" -metricsDBType= -metricsDBName= -metricsDBLocalName=  -metricsDBHost= -metricsDBUser= -metricsDBPassword="" -cognosAdminUserName= -cognosAdminUserNS= -cognosAdminUserPW="" -update=true


bin\configTransformer.bat -setupProp="C:\software\cognos\CognosConfig\" -cognosSrvLink= -cognosCubePath="C:\cognos\cube" -metricsDBType=sqlserver -metricsDBName=METRICS -metricsDBLocalName=METRICS1 -metricsDBUser=METRICSUSER -metricsDBPassword="password" -cognosAdminUserName=CognosAdminUser -cognosAdminUserNS=IBMConnections -cognosAdminUserPW="password" -update=true

6. Verify the Metrics cube can be built

Go to metrics cube folder: cognos_transformer_install_location/metricsmodel

for example:

For Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Cognos\metricsmodel

Run the build-all.bat script to build cube. And then check the log to verify there is no error:

For Windows: My Documents\Transformer\Logs\MetricsTrxCube.log and My Documents\Transformer\Logs\MetricsAuditCube.log

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