Is it possible to license IBM SPSS Statistics through Microsoft DirectAccess connection?

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IBM SPSS Statistics is installed on laptops with a network license.
Licensing is working fine when directly connected to the same network as the Sentinel license manager (SLM).

But working from the outside through a Microsoft DirectAccess connection, it is not possible to get a license.

With this DirectAccess connection, everything works fine (access network disks, e-mail and so on) except the Statistics licensing.


Microsoft DirectAccess uses IPv6 to provide globally routable IP addresses for remote access clients. IPv6 technology is not possible with Sentinel License manager.


As workaround, customer can setup commuter licenses to allow users to check out licenses (token) when on the network to work offline.

Commuter licensing is explained in the Network License Administrators Guide on the IBM SPSS Statistics 21 Documentation webpage.

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