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Fix List for InfoSphere Streams Version 3.0 Fix Pack 1

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This document contains a list of fixes for InfoSphere Streams Version 3.0 Fix Pack 1.

Resolving the problem

InfoSphere Streams Version 3.0 Fix Pack 1
IC89755 Import operator with no consumers causes several failures
IC89753 The mouse scroll wheel seems to zoom the wrong way round
IC89777 Cannot open or publish an application graph if project uses external builder
IC90007 Properties view should show F1 help for the operator referenced
IC89968 Properties view does not open when a graph element is double clicked in the SPL graphical editor
IC89582 IDE application set has errors after IDE restart
IC89779 FileSink operators with both 'moveFileToDirectory' and 'closeMode: dynamic' fail in AtomicRenamer
IC89781 Compiler error when using “CollectDistinct” and “CountByDistinct” aggregate functions in same Aggregate operator
IC89376 Compile fails when several toolkits have common dependencies
IC89775 CDISP0510E and uninitialized value errors when compiling a split operator
IC89789 FFT returning unwanted artificats in spectrum output for large range timeseries inputs
IC88851 SECURITY APAR CVE-2012-1718, 3143, 3159, 5081

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More support for: IBM Streams

Software version: 3.0

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1623156

Modified date: 08 February 2013