SmartCloud Notes Hybrid environment - Cannot see on-premises servers in name pickers

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Users who administer their environment (both on-premises and in SmartCloud Notes) find that they cannot see their on-premises servers in the Select Name dialog boxes, and all that they see are users' mail databases and mail-in databases listed. This can be an issue if the administrators, for example, need to move on-premises users from one server to another.


This issue has been documented in SPR RJAS93RMZR, and it has been determined that this is working as designed. On-premises servers are not served up by the SmartCloud Notes Directory.

Resolving the problem

Workaround: The Administrator can add the name of an on-premises server to their "Domino Directory Server" field in their Location Document, and they should be able to see the on-premises names.nsf entries (NOT the SmartCloud Notes names.nsf).

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