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Deployment Manager is not receiving C&DS Server updates, errors in the spssemgr.log.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Reviewing Deployment Manager's spssemgr.log, seeing errors on the updates:

[Thread-15] ERROR org.eclipse.core.runtime - Unable to remove "C:\Users\<name>\Application Data\SPSSInc\Deployment Manager\configuration_DeveloperBuild\org.eclipse.update\history\1343050814052.xml" from the file system. [java.lang.Exception]


User getting prompted to install new features every time they logged into the Deployment Manager client.

Also unable to delete objects from the repository.

Resolving the problem

If Windows 7, attempt launching Deployment Manger with "run as Administrator." If updates still not received, see below solution.

Note: The below solution will remove the Deployment Manager Client cache directory. It will not modify the actual Deployment Manager Client install directory. Please launch Deployment Manager and capture the Server name(s) and connection information before proceeding.

To receive C&DS Server updates:
1. Go to the path in the error message (ex: C:\Users\<name>\Application Data\SPSSInc\Deployment Manager\configuration_DeveloperBuild\org.eclipse.update\history\1343050814052.xml)

2. Delete the Deployment Manager folder in the path, removing Deployment Manager and entries below that folder.

3. Launch Deployment Manager
4. Go back to the path and view the spssemgr.log.
5. Confirm that the error is no longer in the spssemgr.log.

If issue still exists, ensure the user has Write permissions to the Deployment Manager Installation directory. If the user does not have Write permission to the installation directory, then deployment manager will attempt to use the alternate update directory located in the config.ini file located in the C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Deployment\5.0\DeploymentManager\configuration directory.

#alternate update directory in case installation directory is write protected
ibm.alternateUpdateDir=${user.home}/Application Data/IBM/Deployment Manager

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