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Managing the number times log files rollover and the size at which they do so


The netcool.log and netcool-errors.log files are controlled by properties in the file:


there are the properties:

where [i] is the number of rollover files (3 by default, plus the current/active file) and [n] is the size threshold at which the files rollover (10(MB) by default).  Editing this file can be performed while Impact is shutdown ( stop) as alterations require a restart to enable ( start).

The Service log files are controlled are controlled globally by the size property:


where [value] is the size threshold at which roll over should occur in bytes and this is set in the file:


and the number of roll over files by the property:


where [n] is the number of times the log file should roll over and this is set in the file:


These two properties not exist in the files by default and need to be added to alter the default values 10 files of 10 MB each.

One can override this global number of roll over files individually for each Service with the property:


where [n] is the number of times the Service log file should roll over and this is set in the individual Service properties file:


Again, these properties require an ImpactServer restart to enable.

Further information on these properties is available in the Netcool/Impact Administration Guide (latest version link below) .

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