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Merge message is being rejected with broker error

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Merge message is being rejected with the following broker Error:

MsgBroker ERROR MI_MemMergeException: MI_ProcessorMpinetInteractionManager::_MemMerge() - CMPI_IxnMemMerge failed with error text 'member SURG:19, not found.'(common_msgbroker\MI_ProcessorMpinetInteractionManager.cpp:1202). [ QueueFile='C:\ISI\v9.7\MBTS\97bkr\data\interface\inbound_97bkr/reject-20130121-1406.dat' QueuePosition=2 Member Id='SURG:5' ]


Merge not propagated to downstream source.


Non-surviving member does not exist in the Hub.

Diagnosing the problem

Search for both the survivor and non-survivor member records in your engine. If you cannot find all of the member records involved in the merge this is the likely cause of the error.

Resolving the problem

Both the survivor and non-survivor must exist in the Hub prior to being Merged. If one or both members are missing you will need to ADD them and then resend the Merge Message.

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More support for: Initiate Master Data Service

Software version: Version Independent

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Reference #: 1623024

Modified date: 18 February 2014

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