ITCAM for WAS MS VE "en" directory corrupted

Technote (troubleshooting)


When applying the solution for the year 2013 issue, the "en" directory was overwitten. How can it be recovered ?


Can not open MS Admin console -
Random numbers are added at the end of URL, and goes to a loop situation.


"en" directory in (ex: /usr/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<App Server name>/installedApps/<Cell name>/ITCAM_Application.ear/<octigate.web-ws<version>.war/en>) is corrupted.


This issue occurs in ITCAM for AD 7.1, and fixpacks 1,2,3. The issue is fixed thru APAR PM79851.

Resolving the problem

Re-populate the ITCAM_Application.ear to replace the directory thru WAS admin console.

Here is how to replace the directory :

1. Log into the WAS admin console.

2. Choose Applications -> Application Types -> WebSphere enterprise applications ->

  • Choose the red marked boxes below..

  • Choose entire application -> Remote file system (click 'Browse' and follow the directory path to choose the file <MS_HOME>/lib/octigate-was.ear)
  • After making the update above, Restart the WebSphere JVM.

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