System P agents upgrade on VIOS

Technote (troubleshooting)


When VIOS is upgraded, the System P agents do not get upgraded at times.


A mismatch between the System P agents and the corresponding VIOS levels.


If the System P agents on VIOS are not stopped prior to a VIOS upgrade to VIOS Release 2.1 or above, the agents are not upgraded to the levels that are prepackaged with VIOS. For a mapping of VIOS, agent and fileset levels, refer to the following link:

Resolving the problem

When upgrading VIOS, the System P agents must be stopped before the VIOS is upgraded. The following commands must be run as padmin to stop the system P agents:

$stopsvc ITM_cec
$stopsvc ITM_premium

APAR IZ82947 was opened in order to address this issue. It is not fixed until a release after VIOS If VIOS has already been upgraded and the agents did not upgrade because the agents were running, the following procedure can be used as a work around to upgrade the System P agents on VIOS:

a) Stop the VIOS/CEC agents on VIOS as padmin:

$stopsvc ITM_premium
$stopsvc ITM_cec

b) Go into the oem_setup_env shell:
c) Run the command:
#lslpp -L | grep itm.premium

From the above command, verify that the version returned is correct. The correct version can be obtained by comparing the VIOS level and the corresponding ITM fileset level. If it is, continue with the next steps.

d) Upgrading the agents:
#cd /usr/lpp/itm.premium/itm_agent
e) If there are any va*513* or pk*513* files in
/usr/lpp/itm.premium/itm_agent/unix/ directory, move them out of the directory.

To install the VIOS Agent:
# ./ -q -h /opt/IBM/ITM -p $PWD/silent_install.vios_agent

To install the CEC Agent:
# ./ -q -h /opt/IBM/ITM -p $PWD/silent_install.cec_agent

This procedure should upgrade the VIOS and CEC agents without having to go through another upgrade of the VIOS.


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