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Application using IOCP with IBM Domino server causes AIX system crash

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Application sending data using IOCP with IBM Domino server causes AIX 7.1 system crash on iocp.extiocp_insque after server closes the connection. This occurs if fix IV29604 is not installed.


In certain instances, when an application using I/O Completion Port (IOCP) is sending data and the server abruptly closes the connection, the AIX OS system can crash.
This problem only happens with applications using IOCP. It has primarily been seen with Lotus Domino Server installed on AIX 7.1 if fix IV29604 is not installed.

The system crashes with the following stack:

* F1000000C0277534 iocp.ext:iocp_insque+000014
* (F1000E000577D0E0, F1000000C0280A08 ?? )
* F1000000C0275470 iocp.ext:iocp_process_pending_io+000270
* F1000000C0277C70 iocp.ext:iocp_isr+000070 ()
* 00014D70 .hkey_legacy_gate+00004C ()
* 004A11B8 Netintr+0002F8 ()
* 004A0E80 netisr_thread+000020 ()
* 00255654 threadentry+000094 (??, ??, ??, ??)


  • Install APAR IV29604.
  • Prior to APAR availability, an interim fix can be obtained from the following site:

This issue is now fixed in IBM Domino 8.5.3 FP6 and ND 9.0 Social Edition (Domino Server Fix).

Fix details: SPR# YPHG9434UA

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

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