Network Active Bypass (NAB) e-mail notifications - Invalid Name

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When attempting to configure the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) in the Network Active Bypass E-mail Notifications of the LMI (Web Interface), the following error is generated: "Invalid Server IP Address or Name."


Network Active Bypass (NAB) LMI, E-mail Notifications, SMTP E-mail Server Configuration: "Invalid Server IP Address or Name." The LMI SMTP host configuration only allows name strings with endings that match valid top-level Internet domain names (example: .us, .es, .com, and so on). Internal domain names or customer domain names will not be accepted (example: iss.local or smtp.iss.intranet).

Diagnosing the problem

Rule out any connectivity or DNS issues:

  • Confirm hostname resolves (DNS) through nslookup.
  • Test SMTP e-mail server using SSH, "mailsend" command. Example:
    SMTP server address/IP: smpt.iss.intranet
    Carbon copy:
    Subject: TEST NAB

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, go through the instructions below:

  1. Login via SSH to NAB using the admin account.

  2. Run this command to set the e-mail sever: cli set email_server [e-mail server name]

  3. Run this command to confirm the changes were saved: cli get email_server

  4. Login into the NAB LMI (web interface) to verify the changes are showing up there as well.

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