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Opening a BPMN diagram gives the "Could not open the editor..." error

Technote (troubleshooting)


In IBM Rational Software Architect, if you try to open a BPMN diagram, the "Could not open the editor: An unexpected exception was thrown" error message appears.


Double-click the .bpmx model from the Project Explorer in order to open the BPMN diagram. The Could not open the editor: An unexpected exception was thrown error will appear as in the screenshot:

The following output is generated in the .log file:

!MESSAGE Unable to create editor ID An unexpected exception was thrown.



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It is not possible to open the BPMN diagram.


You modified a model that had dependencies on another model, which means that your changes to the first model caused the second one to change as well.

However, although you saved the changes to the first model and then closed it, you did not save the changes to the second model, before you closed it.

As a result, the two models are no longer synchronized with each other and there are broken references that cause the second BPMN model to be corrupted.

Resolving the problem


Load the BPMN model that throws the error into a new workspace in order to recover the diagram.

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Software Development Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software Modeling Windows 8.5

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