Executing an in-flight task for a deactivated snapshot for WebSphere Lombardi Edition and IBM Business Process Manager (BPM)

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Why do in-flight tasks stop after the snapshot has been deactivated?


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WebSphere Lombardi Edition Version 7.2.0 Fix Pack 4 and Business Process Manager Version 7.5.1 Fix Pack 1 added the following new properties:

  • block-deactivated-snapshot-favorite-progression
  • block-deactivated-snapshot-task-progression

These two properties, which exist in the 99WLEFixPack7204Config.xml (WebSphere Lombardi Edition) or 99Local.xml (IBM Business Process Manager) configuration file, are defined, by default, with a true value. The true value for these properties, however, will stop in-flight tasks on the deactivated snapshot.

Note: You do not want to modify the 99WLEFixPack7204Config.xml or 99Local.xml configuration file directly. Instead, use the 100Custom.xml file to override the values in the 99WLEFixPack7204Config.xml or 99Local.xml configuration file using the following steps.


To execute these in-flight tasks, complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the [WLE_INSTALL_DIR]\process-server\config\100Custom.xml file.

  2. Add the following XML code to the file:
     <server merge="mergeChildren">
       <block-deactivated-snapshot-favorite-progression merge
       <block-deactivated-snapshot-task-progression merge

  3. Restart the server.

Note: If you have a clustered environment, you must update the 100Custom.xml files at the cluster level and all cluster member-level 100Custom.xml files. For example, modify the following file for all node and member combinations of the Process Server cluster:
[ DMGR-PROFILE-DIR]\ config \cells\cell_name\clusters\cluster_name\process-server\ config \100Custom.xml

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