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Load Real Time Data - Clarity_Ent - Open Data Load job

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The "Clarity_Ent - Open Data Load" job keeps failing on client Clarity environment.
What could be causing this fail, with the following error message?
Executed as user: xxxx\claritysvc.
Description: Executing the query "Truncate Table dbo.tbl_ClarityData_OpenBatchControl " failed with the following error: "Cannot find the object "tbl_ClarityData_OpenBatchControl" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions."


It was found that the user account being used to run this job (*in this case, "claritysvc"), did not have the proper back end permissions (SQL) to edit the table mentioned.


Since the job is being executed as the "claritysvc" user, it needs to be able to edit/write to the "tbl_ClarityData_OpenBatchControl" table.
This error indicates the user account only has read access.
-Test by logging into the database/SQL Server Management Studio with the "claritysvc" account and try to edit this table.
-Ensure that data in the table can be changed and saved.

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More support for: Clarity 7
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Software version: 7.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: Standard

Reference #: 1622586

Modified date: 16 January 2013