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Loading a model or fragment gives a "Repair Workspace References" message

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you load a model or fragment into IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA), a "Repair Workspace References" dialog box appears that prompts you to repair broken references or mark any problems with the model or fragment.


The problem occurs when you attempt to open a model or model fragment into RSA.

The following message will appear:

Repair Workspace References:

The resource being opened ... contains 1 broken references that may be automatically repairable.

The dialog box offers you a choice to either repair the broken references or mark any problems with the model or fragment, as in the following screenshot:


The model or model fragment that you are trying to open contains references to a RSA feature(s) that has not been installed. Refer to the Element column in the dialog box for the missing feature(s).

Resolving the problem


The screenshot above indicates that the XSD graphical editing and transformations feature has not been included in the RSA installation.

Using this as an example, follow these steps to be able to open the model or model fragment without getting the Repair Workspace References message:

  1. Close all IBM Rational products including RSA

  2. Open Installation Manager

  3. Click Modify

  4. Select the package group in which you have RSA installed from the Modify Packages: Select a package group to modify wizard screen

  5. Follow the wizard to Modify Packages: Select the features to install or clear the features to remove

  6. Expand the IBM Rational Software Architect features

  7. Check Rational Software Architect > Solution Architecture and Model-Driven Development > XSD graphical editing and transformations

  8. Click Modify, so that your RSA installation will be altered to include XSD graphical editing and transformations

  9. Open RSA and load the model and fragment files again into RSA. The Repair Workspace References will not appear.

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