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Mashup - Can the REST interface be used without Cookies enabled in Browser ?

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CMS - Cognos Mashup Services - Can the REST (Representational State Transfer) interface be used without Cookies enabled in Browser ?
We use a Browser in the Cloud, and disable the cookies in the setting.


Within the IBM Cognos Mashup Services product manuals it states that Cookies need to be enabled in the Browser, otherwise Mashup Services does not work correctly.

The reason for this is that REST is using a URL style interface, and the BI Server delivering content needs the User Environment values for Cookies to operate properly.

Cognos BI is using cookie values dynamically, that is, these value can change during the user session when the user is using different parts of the Cognos Connection Web interface.

CMS for the same connection to the BI Server then also needs these cookie values to communicate properly with the BI Server.

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