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Initial ISC config for using external repository for TSAAM/WAS

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After switching to use LDAP authentication within the Websphere security panel, and restarting the server, no users can logon to the ISC. After switching to LDAP security, how do I create the initial user to login to ISC to configure further users.


To change to an external user repository (like LDAP), you would choose "Security > Secure administration, applications, and infrastructure" within the ISC and then under "User account repository" select the desired user account repository. From here, there is a "Configure" button and this is where you would need to create a new administrator account.
As for the "Server user identity", WAS v6.1 separates the server user identity from the primary administrative user. The primary administrative user is any valid user in the user account repository that you choose to give default administrative privileges. The server user identity is used for server to server communication. By selecting the "Automatically generated server identity", WebSphere creates an identity for internal communications that is not stored in the repository and does not have a password. LDAP directories still require a bind DN for successful communications. If you don't want WAS to handle it, you can choose to specify a server identity ID that is stored in your repository, the 2nd radio button.

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Software version: 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.2.2

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Modified date: 15 January 2013