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IBM Sterling Connect:Express 1.4.5 glibc detected /opt/cexp/strf/tom_apm: malloc(): memory corruption

Technote (troubleshooting)


IBM Sterling Connect:Express 1.4.5 running error message ** glibc detected *** /opt/cexp/strf/tom_apm: malloc(): memory corruption:


The following errors messages are in the log file

REQUEST 01500128 NOT CREATED SRC=0000 TRC=0000L PRC=3399

-bash-3.2$ *** glibc detected *** /opt/cexp/strf/tom_apm: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x095fd718 ***


IBM Sterling Connect:Express 1.4.5 Unix on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3

Resolving the problem

Upgrade to IBM Connect:Express 1.5.0.

Document information

More support for: Sterling Connect:Express

Software version: 5.3

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1622398

Modified date: 27 June 2013

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