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How to stub macros in Rational Test RealTime

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How do you stub macros in IBM Rational Test RealTime?


Macros cannot be stubbed. You can only stub C functions and C++ methods.


The macros that you stub needs to be converted to a C function or C++ method call .

Below is a sample on how to convert a C macro to a function call and stub it.

Example : You have the following macro defined in the file calc.h.

#define doAdd(x,y) (x + y)

Then it can be redefined to a C function call as below:

function call:

#ifndef doAdd
#define doAdd(x,y) (x + y)

Now in the DCL file you can write

#define doAdd(x,y) stubAdd(x,y)
extern int stubAdd(int x, int y);
#include "calc.h"
#include "calc.cpp"

Note: For code under test to be included, such that the new macro definition takes affect in the code, you need to modify the .STB file

STUB stubAdd : int stubAdd(int x, int y)
PRINT ("In stubAdd");
#return (x + y);

Attached is the sample snippet of the code.


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